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Company: Shenyang Heat Exchange Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Established: 1985
Description: SHENYANG Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in end-solution of heat exchange systems for the best known corporates such as Sinopec, Asia Pulp & Paper, Datang IPG, etc. Its quality assurance system has been strictly operated under ISO 9001: 2000 since 2005 and inspected by National Standardization Committee (CSC) on Pressure Vessels of I / II Class and by CCS for the marine product. Our Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger include: GLL/ GLS/ BLY series heat exchanger, GLL2 turbine matching oil chiller, Thread of the fixed tube and plate chiller (spiral groove tube), 2 LQFW Machinery hydraulic pressure system supporting chiller, Water- water heat exchanger, Low pressure heater, YJ-fuel heater (BIU type) and Marine lube-fresh water spiral groove tube chiller. We also manufacturer B series of gasketed frame plate heat exchanger. Finned Tube Heat Exchangers include KL air chiller, KLS motor air chiller, KLY cooling transformer air chiller and Steam Heater. Pressure Vessel include Air Tank, Expansion tank of dewatering and Ammonia condenser as well as related components such as Pipe compensator, Thermoplate for PHE and Tube bundle for shell tube heat transfer.

SHENYANG has the following certifications:

  • National Certification Society (CCS), Certificate of Type Approval for Marine Product
  • China Standardization Committee (CSC) on Pressure Vessels: I and II Class
  • ISO 9001: 2000

1: heat exchanger
2: pressure tank
3: condenser
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: Southern Asia
Tel: 8613775309659
Fax: 8651188364024
Address: Nanzi Road, Xinba Technology Park
City: Yangzhong
State/Province: Jiangsu
Zip/PC: 212212
Country: China
URL: http://yz-spem.cn/english.asp
Contact: Dawei Tang

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