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Company: Worldclean Industrial Co., Ltd.
Established: 1992
Description: Worldclean Industrial Co., Ltd is the leader in aluminum anodizing and surface finish turnkey plant engineering, which integrates civil engineering, mechanical engineering, instrument control, electricity and chemical industry technique in Taiwan. Worldclean provides not only equipment but a wide range of supplies, such as process design, equipment manufacture/installation and test performance, according to customers' exact requirement. Moreover, "Quality is essence, customer is first" is Worldclean's principle. With specialized and abundant experiences, Worldclean is capable of designing various different projects to meet every client's need.

Worldclean is experienced in offering turnkey solutions for:

  • Aluminum Anodizing Equipment
  • Electrophoretic Deposition (E.D.) Equipment
  • Powder Coating Equipment
  • Electroplating Equipment
  • Anodizing Chemicals
  • Sandblasting Machine For Aluminum Profile
Company History:
  • Worldclean was founded in June 1993. In the beginning, Worldclean specializes in industrial technology in the field of turn-key plant and starts cooperating with Germany, Italy and Holland on water and air system engineering.
  • 1994 - Worldclean emphasizes on R&D related to planning, designing, and engineering of surface treatment regarding iron, ABS and aluminum.
  • 1995 - Providing a wide range of latest technologies from design, manufacturing, erection, installation to test run, Worldclean installs many aluminum anodizing plants in Taiwan.
  • 1996 to 1998 - Due to surface treatment of aluminum and aluminum alloys only using sealing and painting and the improving living standard of people in mainland China, Worldclean introduced electrophoretic and golden electrocolouring to satisfy the market there. Cooperated with Mainland China to develop new workpieces (E.D. and golden) to prevail in the market and to contribute our technology to other plants, Worldclean has grown to become one of the most important designers and manufacturers ever since. A large number of plants in China provinces (such as Guandong, Fujian, Chiansu and Shangsi), in Vietnam and Southeast Asia purchase medical items and technical equipment from Worldclean for production and sales.
  • 1999 - Worldclean has technological cooperation with Germany and Italy to reform the monotonous colors and successfully develop producing red, blue, and green colors in a single rank. This technique has been widely praised by critics in Southeast Asia.
  • 2000 to 2001 - Succeeded in surface treatment of Magnesium Aluminum alloy and successfully applying it in the real production market, Worldclean has earned outstanding reputations in the industry.
  • 2002 to 2005 - The most innovation, surface treatment of E.D. coloring, has been developed, which is applied to any kinds of plating applications, metallic and plastic materials and top-of-the-range chrome free plating systems. Besides, it is environmentally friendly solution which meets the most stringent worldwide regulations.
  • 2006 to 2007 - Working with the anodizing system supplier in United States, America to develop the latest technology of hard anodizing systems for application in electronic industry.

Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: +886-7-8152177
Fax: +886-7-8157663
Address: 4F, No.1-21,Kuo-Jian Rd., Chien-Chen District
City: Kaohsiung
State/Province: None
Zip/PC: 830
Country: Taiwan
URL: http://www.worldclean.com.tw
Contact: Darren Wu

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